Travel wardrobe must-haves

“I pack inefficiently because I always overpack. I’ll bring good basics, a leather jacket, a dress, sneakers and my trusty boots. I also can’t leave home without my phone and phone charger.”

Accessories she’s into now

“I am into layering very thin rings on my fingers recently. I’m also into big earrings: It’s a fun accessory and I buy them non-stop. During Fashion Weeks, I barely wore any makeup and let the statement accessories stand out. Rose gold is my go-to colour for feminine accessories, and they go well with every skin tone too.”

Favourite shopping destination in Asia

“In Korea, there’s this amazing store called the Rare Market, which is owned by two very fashionable best friends (one of them is G-Dragon‘s sister Kwon Dami). They have the coolest boutique ever (it stocks insider favourites like French label Jacquemus and under-the-radar brands like accessory label Delphine Delafon).”

irene kim

On her iconic hair colours

“(I’ve had rainbow hair for) about three to four years now. When I first dyed it, I did it out of pure curiosity and boredom because I wanted a change. Asian models are known for their black, sleek hair – so when I changed it, it gave me this trademark look. I experiment with different colours with my hairstylist Sunwoo Kim (he’s from Soonsoo Salon in South Korea), who’s also my best friend. He just colours it according to however I’m feeling. So if I’m feeling a little blue, he’ll add more blue (tones). Each time my hair dyes are retouched (twice a month), it gives me a little recharge.”

How she maintains her locks

“I try to use as little products as possible because I’m prone to breakouts (on my face). I usually apply a leave-on hair moisturiser at night and rinse it off in the day.”


Top 3 beauty essentials

“Water, exercise and sleep. No matter how much you put on your face to look pretty, you need all of those to maintain it. (For makeup) I love mascara and a good lip tint.”

Her most extreme beauty makeover

“Recently, I bleached my eyebrows to make it look a little edgier, and while the (fashion) industry people love it, my fans think otherwise. I’ll eventually dye it back to black one day.”

irene kim

How she dresses for Singapore weather

“I was just at Universal Studios Singapore today, and I wore leggings and a grey T-shirt. I just did my hair up in a bun and wore a choker and cute earrings. When I went to Pulau Ubin, I wore huge earrings and a cute hat. If you can’t wear something fun, accessorising will do the trick.”

Places she loved visiting in Singapore

“Haji Lane and Chinatown: It’s amazing to see all the cultures mixed into one. I feel like a local here because everyone’s so friendly.”

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