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Size Oddities: The Meme-Inspiring Miniscule Bag Trend, And Why We (Kinda) Want One

Size doesn’t always matter.

Forget that they probably can’t even house a phone. Sometimes, fashion doesn’t meet
function, and that’s okay. We mean, considering fashion’s recent love affair with sizing oddities — from larger than life blazers and sneakers to micro sunnies — we aren’t even the least surprised to see this micro handbag epidemic surface.

Chief of this whimsical fad: French label Jacquemus, with its Le Chiquito bags being the talk of the town upon debuting. And like any other Internet sensation, the Mini Le Chiquito bag (which spans a mere 5.2cm) wasn’t spared as the subject of memes far and wide.

Soon enough, Beyonce, Kourtney Kardashian and Priyanka Chopra to name but a few, were seen sporting these bags — not forgetting the myriad of fashion houses that started releasing their own takes. While it seems to be quite an amusing (or ridiculous, depends how you look at it) obsession, mini bags do have a useful attribute: they force you to streamline your belongings, making sure you only bring the bare essentials with you. Peek how the street style crowd has adopted this trend, above.