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Jamie QQ's Seriously Stylish Fashion Week Diary

TV-producer-turned-street-style-favourite Jamie QQ knows how to put show-stopping fashion week looks together. Here, she lets us in on her favourite outfits, designers and street style stars to know now.

Self-styled fashion pro Jamie QQ may be relatively new to the street style scene, but she’s fast become a fashion week favourite. Having blazed through Paris and Milan with an impeccable elegant-meets-edgy wardrobe – and a 5.5 month pregnancy in tow – she breaks down her favourite pieces to wear, what makes an interesting designer and how to make a statement, the Jamie QQ way.

On how she’d describe her fashion week style: “It has to represent me. I think my style is quite feminine with an edge, coupled with some sort of elegance to it. I try to incorporate some items from the brand, whoever invited me, but it has to mix and match. It has to make sense.”

On her favourite show of Spring Summer 2020: “Definitely Balenciaga. [Demna Gvasalia] is just such a designer of the moment. Not just in terms of popularity, but he speaks to the world today. [The show] just looked like all sorts of characters convened in this blue velvet setting. There is a dialogue where everybody is a little bit lost – from a Hello Kitty bag to a huge ballgown. It’s very 2019 – everyone’s trying to look for an answer and forced to co-exist in this world where there’s a blow up of information and style. And it works. It’s a real show and there’s so much story to it.”

On the street style stars we should be following:

@michelle_eli “She she’s one of the few people you see at fashion week who’s still very true to her own style.”

@akimoto_kozue “She does dark romance very well and she’s very photogenic. She also brings elegance and balance to really funky outfits and overall, she’s very elusive.”

On an emerging designer we should have on our radar “I did go to Shanghai Fashion Week and I saw a bunch of amazing designers. Once of which was a Chinese designer I personally met and I love a lot, Shuting Qiu (@shutingqiu). I like that her work has this explosion and unexpected way of putting fabric and beading together, but in a very contemporary silhouette – like an oversized blazer. She also does these printed, mesh, bodysuits. It’s truly a lot of craftsmanship and artistry that goes into it.”


On the way to: Maison Margiela   What she’s wearing: Y/Project blazer, Orseund Iris skirt, Margiela bag, Gianvito Rossi boots   “This look was when I decided to reveal my 5.5 month pregnant tummy. I thought it was very John Galliano – in the early 2000’s, or John Galliano now, even. The boxy wide-shoulder jacket, lots of lace. The John Galliano woman is always a little badass. She’s elegant, she’s fashionable, but she wants to bust out and be bad and make a statement. So this was kind of my pregnant statement.”    
On the way to: Gucci   What she’s wearing: Gucci gloves, jumpsuit and bag, Cecilie Bahnsen sandals      
On the way to: Comme des Garcons   What she’s wearing: Comme des Garcons blazer, Noir Kei Ninomiya dress, Margiela bag, Balenciaga boots, YSL sunglasses   “We all know Noir and Comme des Garcons have a very special relationship. I thought this dress was the epitome of dark romance – it’s tulle and has a tiny little bit of metal elements. It’s beautiful, but because it’s sheer black, it gives it a little bit of an edge too. I also added these heart-shaped YSL sunglasses to give it a bit more romance. This is one of my favourite looks. I rarely wear head-to-toe black, but I think this was interestingly put together.”  
On the way to: Balenciaga alongside model Lina Zhang   What she’s wearing: Vetements bodysuit, Norma Kamali dress   “This is also a look I loved. I’m a huge fan of Vetements’ glove connected bodysuit, I have about five of them. It’s very good as an under layer basic and gives a cool edge with the gloves – although it’s not so easy to use an iPhone with. And this stretchy dress is actually a Norma Kamali. I have to say, this is a pregnant woman’s best friend because everything is jersey and stretchy and it’s affordable as well.”    
What she’s wearing: Balenciaga dress and bag
On the way to: Rochas   What she’s wearing: Rochas coat, Y/Project earrings and boots   “The coat was very elegant, very Parisian, very simple – but I had to do it the Jamie QQ way by adding some Y/Project accessories. Big ears, big feet and I think the colours worked very well.”    
On the way to: Y/Project alongside Aleali May   What she’s wearing: Y/Project coat and boots    

On the way to: Off-White   What she’s wearing: Off-White puffer coat   “Off-White invited me to their showroom in Paris and this is the first thing that caught my eye and I was like ‘that’s it’. So I was in and out of the showroom in two minutes. I just felt so happy in it, I felt like a teletubby. I was in a good mood and I put this on and I was like, okay, this makes me happy.”    
What she’s wearing: Balenciaga jumpsuit and bag  

On the way to: Salvatore Ferragamo   What she’s wearing: Salvatore Ferragamo coat, bag and shoes and Supriya Lele dress   “The colour palette here is quite feminine, so I matched it with something that also had a feminine touch, but again, shows my pregnant tummy. And I thought [the dress] was a simple design, but interesting. I always like to wear more niche designers. So overall, a funky Italian look.”
What she’s wearing: Balenciaga suit and Richard Quinn bodysuit
On the way to: Marni   What she’s wearing: Bottega Veneta earrings, Marni dress, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes   “I went into the show and I walked past Anna Wintour and she actually took a good look at me. And then I realised, it’s because this is how she dresses – there’s a lot of movement and she always wears printed long dresses. I rarely wear a long dress and the accessories I paired it with were very elegant and feminine. I thought I’d add a little bit of edge by adding this belt too. This isn’t what I would normally wear, but hey, it caught Anna’s attention.”  
What she’s wearing: Rosantica bag
On the way to: Marine Serre   What she’s wearing: Marine Serre jacket, stockings, bag and Noir Kei Ninomiya dress   “I feel like Marine Serre’s clothes are hard to make wearable for daily situations. I think that’s one of my strengths – making the wackiest fashion items wearable for everyday and bringing a bit of elegance to funky looks. I keep my hair very simple, so that kind of balances the whole look out.”

What she’s wearing: Richard Quinn dress