A Vintage Tale

Azzurra La Mantia (left) and Jasmine De Brauwer

Who’s behind it: Azzurra La Mantia and Jasmine De Brauwer. De Brauwer used to work for a music festival organisation back in Belgium while Italian native La Mantia has extensive experience as a visual merchandiser for brands such as Gucci and Stella McCartney.

First opened: June 2018

A vintage Moschino blazer

What you can expect: Genuine threads dating anywhere from the ’50s to the ’90s, and belonging to names such as Moschino, Missoni, Valentino and Gucci. While vintage stores tend to focus on daywear, you’ll find a small but well-curated section of glamorous evening pieces selected by La Mantia. The ladies are especially proud of their one-off pieces such as handbags from ’40s Italian designer Roberta di Camerino, who’s been credited for being one of the earliest labels to create the concept of the It bag.

Where it’s sourced from: All over Europe, including Spain, Norway, France, Germany and yes, the ladies’ hometowns.

Price range: From $45 for a wicker bag, while apparel might go for between $75 – $300.

Bonus: All of the psychedelic furniture you see are all sourced by the ladies themselves locally. If you like what you see, they’re able to help you get some for your own.

Images: Zaphs Zhang

A Vintage Tale (@avintagetale)

#02-01, 277 Joo Chiat Rd

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Eclectic Room

Who’s behind it: Singapore-born air stewardess-turned-entrepreneur Ryana Yusoff, who’s been based in Dubai for over a decade, before relocating to Singapore last year.

First opened: 2017

What you can expect: Prices are higher here at Eclectic Room — but for good reason. Chanel bag lovers should make a beeline here, as Yusoff sources for hard-to-find, vintage models from specialists in Japan. Magpies will also love the party-ready pieces such as metallic fringed skirts and authentic kimonos, while there’s also a smattering of on-trend printed Hawaiian shirts for men. Yusoff also has a small selection of her own designs such as dainty, feminine dresses that are perfect for brunch.

Where it’s sourced from: All over the world, but predominantly Europe and Japan.

Price range: From $40 for jewellery to over $2,000 for the aforementioned Chanel bags.

Bonus: Ladies looking for a special venue to hold intimate soirees can approach Yusoff for options — she’s hosted several shopping parties with different groups and is up for more of such lifestyle-oriented events within the store’s expansive space.

Images: Eclectic Room

Eclectic Room (@eclecticroom)

 #02-01, 162 Joo Chiat Road