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Op-Ed: Fashion Expert Imran Jalal On Why Yeezy Is The Bomb

If there is one thing that Kanye West has thought us about style, it is about the importance of colour. Designers at New York Fashion Week got the hint with khaki and s


Even if you don’t dig his Yeezy line, detest his obnoxious behaviour, swear your allegiance to Team Tay Tay, or simply because your name is Tim Gunn, it’s no secret that Kanye West is the Yeezus of personal image.

Yes, this is the man who purged the sartorial demons in Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe from the first time he entered her walk-in wardrobe (just YouTube that episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) and took on the role of her full-time image shrink.

That peroxide blonde hair Kim experimented with for a moment? Kanye’s behind that. The smile-with-your-eyes-not-your-mouth signature pose of hers now? Blame it on Kanye. The sleek and minimalist bodycon dresses she now favours? Thank Kanye for that. The matching outfits? Not surprised if Kanye’s got a thing to do with that too.

With Kim, colour – always monochrome and worn head-to-toe – is the main plot. Google images of her in the last year or so and the muted shades of nude, ecru and khaki she’s often photographed in can rival a Bobbi Brown eyeshadow palette. When relegated to neutral hues, these colours have turned into the It colourway of the moment. They’re soft and complement almost all skin tones, unlike warmer tones like ochre, chestnut and chocolate which can be unflattering on darker skins.

And designers at New York Fashion Week have gotten the memo. For Spring/Summer ’17, sandy hues from ecru to caramel to au lait are a big colour trend. Among the hits are J Crew’s rendition of a flamenco wrap skirt and a shirt in khaki – a refreshing take on evening dressing. Then there are the luscious knits from Ryan Roche in warm tones of oak, which give the looks a more luxe feel. Even Delpozo, a brand known for its penchant for vibrant colours, took a more muted affair in sand.

Still hating on Kanye?

Kim Kardashian has ditched the flashier colours in her wardrobe for a more soothing and subtle palette.
Kim Kardashian and the Jenner sisters after the Yeezy S/S '17 show.
Camel, ecru, sand, tan, nude are just some of the colours that Kanye West chooses for his wife.
Cinq A Sept
Ryan Roche
J Crew
Claudia Li
Victoria Beckham
Ryan Roche
M Martin
A Detacher
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