irene kim

irene kim

Her favourite new fashion names

IK: “For me right now, I’m really loving Regina Pyo, she’s a London-based Korean designer. She has really structured classics and basics but she plays with the shapes of dresses and blouses really well – basically things you can actually wear on a daily basis that makes you look elevated and chic. Kye is also another designer I love. She’s a Korean designer with a streetwear slant. I also love Peter Patrov because of the way he uses patterns and fabrics. He also does amazing dresses that aren’t revealing but very elegant, feminine and cool at the same time.”

Must-have fashion items when travelling

IK: “I bring a lot of shoes because I really feel like it plls the outfit together. I also always carry sunglasses, at least four pairs. If I do have time to relax, I like to swing by the pool so swimsuits are a definite must.”

irene kim

The season’s latest accessories she’s eyeing on

IK: “Right now I’m all about statement earrings. The most recent one I bought was from Isabel Marant. She has those beautiful chandelier earrings from her latest collection.  I also love J.W Anderson and Celine earrings. Apart from that, I have been buying a lot of ankle boots as well. Dries Van Noten has this pair of really cool velvet, floral boots that’s currently in my shopping bag on so I might buy those for fashion week.”

If she could only go to one fashion store, it would be…

IK: “I would have to say Barney’s in New York and L.A. I just really like the vibe there. It doesn’t feel like a store, it just feels like someone’s really big living room or like a fashion closet. So I feel really comfortable when I’m shopping there and they have everything from high-end brands to casual selections.”

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