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Here's Where To Find The Coolest Leather Bags In Singapore

If you’re after well-made leather bags that don’t cost an arm and leg, you’ll want to hear more about Omitir Concepts. The brand offers a subtle, raw aesthetic that isn’t too polished – perfect for those tired of overtly flawless styles and hankering for something a little more offbeat.

Established four years ago by two locals – Darren Loke (who’s also one of our Female GP 2016 finalists) and Bryan Teo – Omitir Concepts (omitir is Spanish for “omit“) has just launched its fifth collection recently. You might not have heard about it before, but its first two collections completely sold out when they launched – testament to the brand’s sound design and reasonable price points.

Here, we highlight key things to know about the label:

#1: Every product is handmade.
Loke and Teo finish off each product by hand, ensuring that no two products are exactly the same. Their fifth collection, entitled Limbs, sees the designers experimenting with vegetable-tanned leather for the first time. How it’s different from chrome-tanned leather? The products develop a beautiful patina with continuous wear, and are reportedly more environmentally friendly. #2: Their latest bags come in more feminine styles.
As part of the “Limbs” collection, the designers have introduced smaller bags for women who would like to get in on the action – not that a brand like Omitir really makes distinctions between genders. #3: Various sizes and styles are available.
In the market for something extra small? The Article 200 neck pouch is unisex, and its length be easily adjusted by re-tying a knot. Just big enough to stash your phone and cards, it’s the ultimate statement in simplicity – hence the brand’s motto: “refining necessities”. There are also accessories such as belts and headgear, all of which are crafted from leather. #4: The details are outstanding.
Loke and Teo are meticulous with the designs, right down to the details. The hardware on accessories like belts are hand-hammered by Indonesian artisans, imbuing an industrial vibe to the products. #5: Everything is affordably priced.
With prices starting from approximately $100 (the neck pouch) to $700 (the saddle sling bag shown above), it’s hard to think of other leather goods brands that are able to fulfill the same price point. After all, you’re paying for exorbitant amounts of handiwork (mostly done by the two designers themselves) and leather that has been sourced from the world over, including cowhide from Italy, kangaroo from Australia and goatskin from Indonesia. Shop the Limbs collection here   Like this? Check out Spring 2017’s obsession with super-small bags, the Swiss watch brand that’s selling like hotcakes on Instagram and why celebrities are going crazy for pantsuits right now.