liv lo interview

In the months since we interviewed Fly Entertainment artiste Liv Lo on her latest style picks, she’s been one busy woman – and it’s the Liv Lo for Love Bonito line, a nine-piece capsule collection ($28-$42) debuting on the e-tailer’s shopping site on Oct 9, that Female is most excited about.

The Singapore-based Taiwanese-Italian shares more about why she went into designing, the creative process and how her pieces are made for every girl’s wardrobe:

liv lo x love bonito
Liv wearing the line’s cropped tank ($28).

Going into design came naturally.

“It has been a dream of mine to design a yoga wear collection. I’ve been practicing for over 10 years now, and I know exactly what I want but haven’t found my style of apparel in any of the labels out there yet. (Founder of local womenswear brand Collate The Label) Velda Tan was the one to connect the dots: We were working together on a Stretch City article and she mentioned that it would be a great idea to collaborate with Love Bonito.”

Function is just as important as form.

“The top 3 criteria that influenced my designs were the fit; the colour; and how interchangeable the pieces are. It took about a year from conception to completion. This is Love, Bonito’s (first) foray into sportswear, and so it was a process to find the right factories for production. Everyone knows yoga pants are not easy to make because of the amount of movement (required). The material must be lightweight, durable, look good from every angle, and most of all comfortable. From the elasticity to the opacity, we had a lot of back and forth discussions to get the cuts, fit, and materials just right.”

liv lo yoga
A hoodie ($45) is also part of the collection.

Pieces can be worn both on and off the mat.

“The perforated material runs through the collection in a variety of colours to add texture, breathability, and flexibility to the clothing. The materials were sourced by the wonderful team at Love, Bonito and by co-founder Rachel Lim, and we had many discussions on what the girls in Singapore like, their concerns and what they are looking for. For example, the support (built into) the tops add a little extra boost while not being overly sexy and showing cleavage. The colours (every design comes in four different shades) look adorable as a set, but are also chosen to blend in with the apparel you already have. You can wear the crop top with a pair of jeans on a casual day out.”

liv lo campaign
The crop top with the word “Blissed” emblazoned on the front ($36) is versatile enough for everyday wear.

The designs reflect Liv’s own zest for life.

I want #Liv4LB girls to feel energetic and free-spirited through (wearing) the clothing. (My collection is different from other sportswear brands out there because) the midi bra tops are rare to find while cropped camis with slogans are a first! The capris are slightly higher waisted to avoid muffin tops in poses and are cut to slim (thighs). My #1 must-have is the Blissed crop top, because that’s the feeling after (a good) yoga (workout).”

Watch the trailer here:


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