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Local Designers Tell Us What They Love About Singapore

Singapore’s top design talent tells us what it is about the country that inspires them.
Elyn Wong of Stolen
“I love Singlish. That is probably the one thing that is 100% authentically Singapore. Not a copy. Not trying to be another award-winning concept; it is birthed from our real, everyday lives, and is really endearing when used correctly. But I must emphasise, there is a distinct difference between bad English and Singlish.” Lisa Von Tang of Lisa Von Tang
“I love Singapore’s lushness because it keeps me feeling zen. I jog around my neighbourhood near the Botanic Gardens, and MacRitchie Reservoir regularly — and love that nature is so integrated with the city.” Goh Ling Ling of Ling Wu
“I love all the hawker centres in Singapore, how simple and convenient they are for so many people. This is the one thing that I will truly miss when I move away.” Sven Tan of In Good Company
“I love having so much greenery around. This is so easily taken for granted. I am reminded of this when I arrive at Changi Airport after overseas trips, and the first thing I see on the way home are lovely tree-lined boulevards.” Sabrina Goh of ELOHIM by Sabrina Goh
“I love the openness of Singapore that allows for small business to be established here, and the support individuals get as they chase their dreams.” Carolyn Kan of Carrie K
“I love that Singapore has a heritage steeped in such diverse cultures, as it is rich in inspiration for us designers and storytellers.” Choo Yilin of Choo Yilin
“What I love most about Singapore has been growing up in a neighborhood that is the culmination of my family’s history, spanning generations; for me, Joo Chiat is the confluence of years that embodied youth, growth, happiness and most importantly, love.” Gin Lee of GINLEE Studio
“I love the preserved buildings in Singapore. For example, Saint Joseph’s Church, which is next to our studio at the National Design Centre. It’s so beautiful to see these historic buildings in the midst of modern Singapore, with all the skyscrapers.” Marilyn Tan of Marilyn Tan Jewellery
“I have lived in other countries and I’ve travelled to many places from the Artic to Antarctica. I love Singapore because it’s Home.” Quanda Ong of Gnome & Bow
“I love Singapore for its vibrant diversity of cultures, foods and traditions. There’s so much to discover and learn from one another.”