Photos: Loewe

Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson has just launched a project in support of Visual Aids, an organisation dedicated to raising awareness of Aids using art, as well as preserving the works of affected artists.

The project honours the legacy of artist David Wojnarowicz (1954-1992), whose iconic works were deemed inspiring and revolutionary for the community though they sparked much controversy and flak during Aids crisis in the ‘80s. After being diagnosed with the illness, his artworks developed a political stance, confronting the rising cultural divisiveness over important social issues.

The limited edition Loewe art T-shirts (the one on the right is not available in Singapore)
The limited edition Loewe art T-shirts

Four of Wojnarowicz’ works were chosen to be printed on high-grade cotton crewneck T-shirts and all proceeds from the sales will go to the Visual Aids organisation. With a limited run of 400 pieces per design, the T-shirts ($150 each) will be available in Singapore at Paragon’s Casa Loewe on June 6 2018.