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Loewe's Valentine's Day Edit Is One For The Fashion Crowd

From the hard-to-miss elephant phone case to its sustainably produced pieces, Loewe's Valentine's Day edit is one to check out.

Valentine’s Day gifts are never easy to nail. With hues of powder pink the Loewe Valentine’s Day edit, curated from its Spring/Summer 2020 collection is one to consider for that fashion girl in your life that you want to impress (or even just something to pick up for yourself – because why not?)

For the ladies, a brand new selection of shoes, bags and accessories. From the newest Balloon bag to pearl earrings, the powder pink edit is part dainty and part chic – there’s nothing that says Valentine’s Day than a wardrobe upgrade.

If you’re looking for something for the men, this edit’s got it covered too. Shop the sustainable Eye/Loewe/Nature Spring Summer collection, with pieces weaved from organic and recycled fabrics. There’s even a T-shirt that seems to be two shirts sliced across into one. Statement wardrobe staple, anyone?

And finally, the hard-to-miss elephant phone case that’s got everyone talking. A phone case that’s adorable, high-fashion and doubles up as a phone stand? We’re sold.