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The Loewe X William De Morgan Collection Is Perfect For Arts And Crafts Lovers

Dropping just in time for the festive season, Loewe's latest collection was inspired by renowned British ceramicist William De Morgan and it's super cute.

It’s no secret that Jonathan Anderson has been pivotal in charging Loewe with a heavy emphasis on combining art, crafts, handiwork and the decorative arts ever since he joined the Spanish luxury house six years ago.

Under his direction, Loewe has become a prominent player at Milan Design Week – the interior design/furniture world’s equivalent of fashion week. The Loewe Foundation, started by Anderson in 2016, is dedicated to promoting and supporting craftsmanship and artisans around the world, and has already become a closely-watched affair through its Loewe Craft Prize.

It’s no surprise then, that the house’s festive collection was inspired by one William De Morgan, a celebrated British ceramicist and tile designer who was a leading figure in the 19th century Arts and Crafts movement. History 101 lesson: the movement came about as a reaction against the rapid industrialisation of the period and its proponents prized the human hand against “soul-less” machinery –  very Jonathan Anderson in spirit and an idea that’s arguably experiencing a revival again in recent years.

De Morgan designed tiles that were known for their ornate, highly stylised motifs of flora and animal life – both real and the fantastical. For example, the latter materialises in this co-ed collection ($450 – $12,600) in the form of a knotted oversized scarf meant to mimic a dragon’s tail. Hapless dodos come emblazoned across apparel and accessories, while house staples such as the Puzzle and Gate bags are made over with fuzzy embroidered versions of de Morgan’s vivid blossoms. If we had to put a vibe to this whimsical collection, we’d say it reminds us strongly of Spike Jonze’s film, Where The Wild Things Are.

The collection drops November 15 in stores – above, a round-up of our favourite accessories: