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Louis Vuitton Has A New Pop Up In Town With The Godfather Of Japanese Streetwear

The French maison's men's creative director Kim Jones has collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara for Louis Vuitton Men's Pre-fall 2017 collection and will be debuting it at a brand new pop store at Surrender @ 268 Orchard.

When Louis Vuitton unveiled its collaboration with streetwear specialists Supreme for their men’s fall 2017 collection this January, the fashion crowd was pretty much all over it – and a lot of people are probably awaiting its launch later this year.

louis vuitton fragment

For those of you who are fans of the whole high fashion-meets-streetwear thing, the French maison has also collaborated with Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design fame as a special capsule collection for their men’s pre-fall 2017 season.

louis vuitton fragment

If the name Hiroshi Fujiwara doesn’t ring a bell – it ought to. The man has often been hailed as the godfather of the Japanese streetwear scene and has played mentor to the likes of Jun Takahasi of Undercover and Nigo of Bape.

louis vuitton fragment

Band shirts are hot right now and this ombre version with the fading Louis Vuitton logos is an unsual take on the trend

What’s even better – Louis Vuitton is opening a pop up store dedicated to this special capsule collection this month (22nd April – 7th May) at one of the coolest multi-label stores in town – Surrender @ 268 Orchard.

Below, our top picks of the collection:

louis vuitton fragment

Remember that metallic iPhone case (a reinterpretation of the Petite Malle bag) we saw at Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 collection? It’s been redone here to include Fragment Design’s signature lighting bolts. louis vuitton fragment louis vuitton fragment Collegiate badges to jazz up your bomber jacket, also available in psychedelic rainbow hues.

louis vuitton fragment

If you like your flash in small doses, look to the backpack – the same psychedelic rainbow finish is applied to the buckles.

louis vuitton fragment

This canvas high-top with patches emblazoned with the Fragment Design lightning bolts will probably be a hit with sneaker fiends.

As if you need more reason to head down, there will also be exclusive inventory only available at the pop up store. We’ll be seeing you there.

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