Most enjoyable R&R destination

“I always run away to the Aman Tokyo and just hide my ass there, and nobody can find me.”

Ultimate party spot

“(The newly reopened) member’s club Annabel’s in London’s Mayfair is always fun. (A fixture in the city’s nightlife scene since the ’60s, it’s played host to the jet set including Mick Jagger and Diana Ross.)”

The Marie Antoinette-esque Annabel’s in London is his ultimate party spot.

Furniture that makes him smile

“I am obsessed with the work of an obscure Chinese designer called Mr Tso. He makes the most minimalist pieces on the planet, and plays with colour and texture.”

Most joyful fashion brand

Jacquemus. Designer Simon Porte is a very exciting human being. He’s one person who doesn’t seem like he’s taking things too seriously with fashion, and you can tell that he has fun at his shows.”

He dubs Jacquemus a joyful label because designer Simon Porte knows how to have fun.

On why shoes bring women joy

“Shoes are as terribly necessary as any other part of a woman’s outfit, and one of the most important determinants as to whether an outfit works. (There’s a certain joy) for a woman to find a pair of shoes that look respectable.”

On why his shoes will bring one joy

Our responsiveness. For instance, we started with 120mm-high heels, but the feedback was that the height isn’t comfortable. You don’t see us making heels higher than 100mm now. We also offer lifetime warranty for our shoes — a privilege women do not usually get to enjoy, unlike men who’ve had that for a long time with the John Lobbs and Berlutis of the world.”

Besides personalisation services, Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt offers lifetime warranty for every pair sold.

This story first appeared in Female’s December 2018 issue.