Marine Serre



“Mala Bavo, a small bistro on Rue Saint-Denis in Paris, just a few steps away from our studio. We really like its no-nonsense Kurdish-style food – simple, good and not expensive. It’s perfect for quick dinners after work or meetings with a plate of mezes in between.”

“Most of my favourite vintage pieces are either from the French countryside or Belgium. Clignancourt (a flea market in Paris) and Montreuil (a commune in the suburbs of Paris) are always good options. Of course, there’s always Emmaus (an NGO that organises flea markets among other things).”


“Just sneak into one of Paris’ few remaining independent movie theatres (such as the 83-year-old Le Balzac cinema, which still shows celluloid films).”

“Whenever my boyfriend puts on the records of (early New Wave band) Devo or rockabilly pioneer Gene Vincent.”

 Bedside Read
In Praise Of Love
“I’ve had almost no time to read with all that’s been happening over the last year. The last book I read from cover to cover was In Praise of Love by Alain Badiou (in which the French philosopher posits a refreshing take on the true meaning of love). Recommended for everybody.”





“In my collection, I’m most proud of the dresses made from repurposed scarves. Repurposing is not new, but we’ve been able to do so (Serre has a team that specialises in sourcing from around the world fabrics and garments that can be upcycled) to create pieces that actually make it into stores. We were quite sure that the critics would like this, but unsure of how retailers would react. It’s worked out very well so far though and I’m extremely proud of this.”