It’s a dream come true for any budding designer hoping to make it big: Young Singaporean undergraduate Firdaos Pidau (above) recently clinched a coveted scholarship with footwear brand Charlotte Olympia. We spoke to the first-year student in the prestigious Cordwainers course at the London College of Fashion, where he’s taking a Bachelors in Footwear: Product Design and Innovation, to find out more:

charlotte olympia firdaos pidau designs

Footwear design is not exactly the most obvious or popular choice of study or career for folks here, even within the creative circle. What got you onto it?

“I can probably list down many small but significant contributing factors that shaped my choice, but all in all it was the most natural thing to do. The first thing I learnt how to draw at age six was actually a pair of high heels, and I remember redesigning shoes for many female comic book heroines like Rogue from the X-Men and even TV characters such as Xena.”


Describe your aesthetic as a footwear designer.

“Subtle but strong. And sexy in an intriguing way.”

When it comes to footwear design, who or what are your influences?

“Anything and everything are my influences. Furniture, random objects such as plastic soy milk tabs, things I dislike, the (mood) and colour of a song I’m really into, or a bad break up even.”

singapore designer fidaos pidau charlotte olympia

What to you makes a great pair of shoes?

“It’s very subjective and personal for each individual. For me, it should be something that enhances one’s personality, makes one feel unstoppable, and won’t overshadow the wearer.”

firdaos pidau london college charlotte olympia

What work did you do that earned you this scholarship, and what did you receive?

“It was my whole body of work, not a specific design or collection, that was taken into consideration. With this scholarship, I’ll be doing a six-month internship with Charlotte Olympia in my third year.”

firdaos pidau shoes charlotte olympia

How would you like to change or add to the fashion and accessories scene as a footwear designer?

“I’d like to offer quality footwear designed with the utmost integrity. I want my shoes to be the shoes people wear on their best and worst days as a form of comfort, empowerment and protection.”


Main photo @charlotte_olympia Instagram All other photos Courtesy of @firdaospidau Instagram

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