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The Two Times Milan Fashion Week 2018 Made Us Go Huh?

From severed heads to conspiracy theories, and everywhere in between, FEMALE’s Contributing Sartorial Paranormal Investigator Adriel Chiun examines the weird and wonderful occurrences at the European Autumn/Winter 2018 shows.

It’s so strange. Just as news of Queen Elizabeth II’s appearance gained online traction at London Fashion Week the week before, breaking news of extra terrestrial sightings on the catwalk and grizzly visions of models walking with severed heads broke the Internet in Milan. Raising the ultimate question – just what on Earth is going on?? Is there an episode of the X-Files that we’re guest starring in that we don’t know of? Is there something out there?? Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Gucci Autumn/Winter 2018

Tick. Tick. Tick, goes the flashing orange invite that famed Italian designer Alessandro Michele sent out for the House of Gucci’s Autumn/Winter 2018 show; leaving eagle-eyed editors the world over quick to analyse the theme of the collection – is this device threatening to blow up or is this a countdown to our mortality? Would our insurance cover fashion-related trauma?

And we weren’t exactly wrong – as Michele’s clothes, a vivid commentary on rebirth, were just as explosive.

Michele who described his own design methodology as a form of “clinical clarity”, took that definition and ran with it for Autumn/Winter 2018. Presenting his collection in an operating theatre – replete with fixtures of massive surgical lights and examination tables ­– the Italian designer spoke of how identity is constructed today in the age of Instagram and Snapchat. Models swathed in his idiosyncratic take on the ‘80s, and glorious folk dressing that drew inspiration from every culture imaginable – and even chainmaille – cradled replica heads, dragons and even reptiles. Positively medieval, to say the least. It’s hard not to throw in a Game of Thrones reference.

But whether or not Michele was also inspired by the hit HBO series, death by Gucci proved to be a great way to go.