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This Is Our Modern Definition Of A Sexy, Stylish Woman

Forget bodycons and baring (too much) cleavage and skin — this is how we do it in 2018.
1. Collarbone over decolletage
Instead of coming across too strong by flaunting your cleavage, choose to highlight your collarbone instead — a body part that is often associated with grace and sophistication. Opt for off-shoulder tops and dresses for a casual yet girlish feel, or you could unbutton the top few buttons of an oversized shirt and let one end hang off a shoulder for a more carefree vibe. Jonathan Simkhai, US$1,064 (S$1,446), via Net-a-Porter
Saloni, US$$374 (S$508), via Net-a-Porter
Aaizel, US$554 (S$753)
H&M, S$75
2. Flaunt your wrists
The wrist is an oft-neglected body part that should be given more attention. After all, the glands in your wrists emit pheromones, which can trigger feelings of attraction. That’s good enough reason to show them off, so roll up your sleeves and let them shine. Peter Pilotto, S$2,589, via Farfetch
We Are Kindred, US$445 (S$605), via Moda Operandi
Zara, S$70
Uniqlo, S$40
3. Make eye contact
They say one’s eyes are the window into the soul. So it’s clear that eye contact (and maintaining it) is a powerful way to show people what you’re made of. By keeping a steady eye contact, you’re telling others that you’re confident, powerful and capable of commanding attention. If you’re near-sighted, no harm rocking a stylish pair of spectacles every once in awhile for that intellectual vibe. Chloe, US$429 (S$583), via Net-a-Porter
Grey Ant, US$345 (S$469), via Shopbop
Andy Wolf, Eyewear, US$435 (S$591), via Moda Operandi
ASOS, S$21
4. Less (skin) is more
It’s a common impulse to want to bare more when you’re going for a sexier vibe. But sometimes, less (skin) is more. We suggest teasing a little when it comes to your apparel. The rule of thumb is to aim for balance. If you’re baring your legs, keep your chest and back covered to cast the spotlight on your pins. If you’re going backless, pick a long dress with ample coverage for your chest. Caroline Constas, US$444 (S$603), via Net-a-Porter
Jacquemus, S$872, via Farfetch
By Malene Birger, US$241 (S$328), via Net-a-Porter
Zara, $56
5. Pay attention to what's down below
And by that we’re referring to footwear as your shoes can say a lot about you. The right pair will exude cool and confidence, but that doesn’t mean you have to go for towering platform heels. Try a pair of nude flats (but with pointy tips) — they provide an illusion of elongated legs. Or go for block heel court shoes in a colour other than black. By Far, US$378 (S$513), via Net-a-Porter
Charles & Keith, S$80
Rag & Bone, US$475 (S$645), via Shopbop
ASOS, S$62