If the camp overload on the Met Gala red carpet earlier this week got you thinking of adding some drama to your wardrobe, then you might want to take note of this PSA. Moncler Genius, the collaborative line that the winterwear specialist launched last year, is dropping its latest and second outing with Noir Kei Ninomiya today and it is tailored for those who want to add a little theatrics to dressing up.

Launching at the brand’s immersive flagship at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the womenswear pieces embody what this Rei Kawakubo protege and Comme des Garcons alumni (he worked as a pattern cutter) is best known for. Cue sculptural designs that look like costumes made for a sleek sci-fi flick but yet deceptively practical to wear, highlighting Ninomiya’s deft hand at constricting clothes.

The designer – like Rei – is famously known for being tightlipped for the ideas behind his works, choosing instead to let the pieces do the talking. But here’s what we know: The collection is rife with wardrobe staples like blousons, skirts, dresses, parkas and jumpers which are to be treated as modular pieces that can be styled and layered using materials like nylons, dolmias, and leather.

There’s also a romantic punk influence going on. The former appears in the form of flower petals that are strung together on bombers and gilets with metal rings, while flowers are studded on skirts and capes. The duvet jacket – a perennial piece in Moncler’s lexicon – makes its appearance in both padded and flat iterations and accented with chains and metal rings.

The most dramatic pieces in the collection perhaps have to be the column dresses that bloom with petals of nylon and jackets with handwoven tubular nylon pieces. Highly decorative and involving a tremendous amount of hand work – now you know why we’d say that wearing these pieces would make you feel like one really cool punk couture princess.