Ardent fans of Moncler and Rimowa might know that this isn’t the first tango for the two luxury labels. The brands have released two highly covetable collabs to date – in 2014 and 2016 respectively – but the latest drop from the duo is its most one-of-a-kind yet. Introducing the Moncler Rimowa ‘Reflection’ suitcase: a limited edition drop that features iconic elements from both labels.

Left to right: The Moncler Rimowa Reflection suitcase comes in two versions – one without the LED panel one with.

For one, the suitcase – which is based on Rimowa’s Original Cabin model – boasts a striking mirrored aluminum exterior which gives off a luxurious, lacquered effect and is also coupled with matte black detailing, from its handles to its corners. The piece is topped off with an embossed metal Moncler logo, a bespoke Moncler luggage belt as well as padded organisational cubes for on-the-go packing.

If you’re looking to take things up – a really big – notch, the Reflection suitcase also comes in a customisable LED version that will be available exclusively at Moncler stores worldwide and is also one of the first travel collaborations to be featured in its Moncler Genius line-up this season. The LED panel is situated in the middle of the exterior of the suitcase and will be controlled by the user through an app. How’s that for genius?

The Reflection suitcase ($4,280) will drop at the Rimowa Mandarin Gallery and Moncler stores from Sept 17. But you’ve got to wait a little longer if you’re keen on the LED version – that model will only drop by in Dec, at Moncler stores.