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6 Ways To Change Up A Monochrome Closet Without Surrendering To Crazy Hues

Lighten up — add a pop of colour to your whites, greys and blacks.

1. Go easy with all hues of blue

If you’re hesitant to do anything too drastic too quickly, the family of blue is always a great choice when it comes to replacing the blacks in your closet. Think hues of denim — from light washed to dark. They are a safe bet, yet miles away from your monochromatic shades.

2. Go for neutrals as your secondary colour option

Like blue, neutral colours are a safer choice if you’re not looking to venture too far. Compared to your sunshine yellows and baby pink, these shades are subtler — while still adding a brighter tint to your typical whites and greys. Think of tones that fall within the hues of your skin-tone: from nude to sand and camel to chocolate brown, these add an earthy spin to your outfit without being overly conspicuous.

3. Add a printed scarf

For something a little more effortless, you can complement your existing outfit with an eye-catching scarf. It will make a world of a difference and add contrast to the crisp monochrome aesthetic. Simply don it in the style of the French by knotting it around your neck, or tie it around your purse handle for a quick update to your carryall.

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