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6 Ways To Change Up A Monochrome Closet Without Surrendering To Crazy Hues

Lighten up — add a pop of colour to your whites, greys and blacks.

4. Be experimental with your accessories

Go bold with your accessories instead; it’s an easy way to revive your outfits without needing to do an extensive wardrobe overhaul. Some carefully placed earrings or chunky bangles can instantly give your monochrome look a contemporary edge.

5. Invest in a two-tone bag

Choose to stand out with a statement clutch or sling instead. We suggest an #armcandy that comes in two tones, because colour-blocking is uber cool. Besides, a sophisticated blend of both bright and neutral colours makes it more intriguing and less daunting than a full-on neon green purse.

6. Go for different fabric textures

If you still insist on black and white being your go-to colour palette, then we suggest jazzing it up with different textures. Experiment with silk, velvet, suede or even sequins — they will instantly elevate your outfit and give an added dimension to an otherwise simple look.