If you think that there was a printing problem at the factory by looking at the prints on the apparel and accessories from Moschino latest capsule collection… just chill. The pixellated pattern on the brand’s staples such as sweatshirts, T-shirt dresses and iconic Biker Bag is not part of a production issue, but rather, part of its collaboration with the popular 2000s life simulation video game franchise The Sims.

Dubbed the Pixel Capsule Collection, the items have dropped in stores and will include crowd-pleasers like phone cases ($130) and the T-shirt dress ($990). Keeping with the running theme of video games, the motifs running throughout the collection are intentionally kept in PC-worthy mode, with pixels and all.

Fans of the game would recognise trademark motifs appearing in this collection. Among them is the green Plumbob gem that identifies the character selected and to which the player can give commands and the current mood of the character which now appears as a print of a bathing suit. There are also familiar characters such as the Freezer Bunny on a cell phone and the Uni-Lama on a T-shirt. With so many merch launched of late that seems to bank on our nostalgia for the aughts, is this Sims collaboration just the start of more iconic pop cultural rehash from that era? Only time will tell.