These days, it seems like just about anything can be created and replicated with a computer. Yet Moynat, founded in Paris in 1849 by Pauline Moynat (who, FYI, remains the only woman trunk-maker in history) stands as an emblem of innovation and luxury with its elegant and effortlessly modern bags that are made one by one entirely with the human hand and heart. As the brand celebrates its 170th anniversary, Female teams up with it to spotlight three of its most iconic styles:

The Cabotin: The structured, hand-held bag with a contoured top that modern-day fans tend to liken to a vintage lunchbox is in fact inspired by the trunks that Moynat has been specialising in from day one (did you know that it invented a waterproof trunk as early as 1854?). Cue its dual metallic closures, designed to recall the locks that the brand was known for and patented in the 1900s.

The Madeleine clutch: On board since 2011, Moynat creative director Ramesh Nair is as known for his playful eye as he is for his commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, and this idiosyncratically-shaped, wristlet-style number that debuted three years ago is one of his designs. Each piece is said to be made from start to finish by a single craftsman.

The Rejane: Possibly the brand’s most famous design that’s also the first to be name after a celebrity – Gabrielle Rejane, the venerable Belle Epoque actress and BFF to Pauline Moynat. Launched in 1903, its clean yet feminine lines take after that of classic trunks, while its jewel-like lock is an update of a patented clasp from the Art Deco period. Several variations have been introduced since its debut, including this one with a trendy bi-coloured canvas strap dubbed the Rejane Duet. What’s not changed: its intensive workmanship that calls for over 20 man-hours with the edges painted and waxed eight times for that perfect finish.