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'Pico' Is The New Bag Size To Know

Small is beautiful. defines pico as “one trillionth”. The term is obviously a hyperbolic and novel label to describe tinier-than-miniature bag trend that includes Fendi’s Pico Baguette (this may only just fit a pair of Airpods), Jacquemus’s readaptation of Le Chiquito, and Gucci’s new Porte Rouges pouch that’s meant to fit a single lipstick.

But these shrunken and doll-like designs highlight the fact that carrying a designer bag now is more akin to wearing a statement accessory/jewellery piece rather than carrying a practical necessity or arm candy. Here, we suss out some of the chicest “pico” bags that are only up to 10cm tall for your recommended shopping.

Jacquemus Le Petit Chiquito leather crossbody bag, $357,
Gucci Porte Rouges leather lipstick pouch, US$330 (S$458),
Nano Baguette leather charm, price unavailable, Fendi
Rosantica Baby Sasha Sphere metal minaudiere with faux pearls, $814,
Danse Lente Magnetic Croc leather crossbody bag, $384,
Pleated Volume PU pouch, $19.90, Mango
Maison Margiela Mini leather chain wallet, $879 ,
Medea Mini leather crossbody bag, $208,
Gu-De Play leather tote, US$115.66 (S$161),