Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that gender rules have been broken. Men dressing up in women’s clothes and vice versa are — surprise — no longer groundbreaking. Some brands even create clothes and accessories that are unisex. So don’t mind us if we’re eyeing some of the items from Loewe‘s latest permanent menswear line, Eye/Loewe/Nature.


The quizzical name of this colourful range of accessories and clothing is a nod to the fact that every piece is functional and made for the lads to brave the great outdoors in.

Which explains why the pieces in the collection ($490-$2,290) include parkas made from technical material and jumpers woven from partly recycled cotton fibres. Even the made-in-Japan accessories stick to the storyline. The backpacks for instance feature high-grade canvas with calfskin trim, and come with added cushioning and support plus enough compartments for your laptops and tablets.

Launching on Jan 10, it segues nicely into the big trend that’s dominating both womenswear and menswear of late — one that riffs on escaping to the great outdoors as the cool urban pursuit.

Our Fave Accessories From Eye/Loewe/Nature