From the retro cat-eye shades that may or may not have started the ’90s wave, the hyped up micro-sunnies (perched delicately on the nose by the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid), to the transition into athleisure-chic aviators and later on to utilitarian wear “safety goggle” lookalikes, this essential eyewear has undergone several evolutions in the past fashion seasons.

But if you think you’ve seen them all then well, you haven’t. This season’s latest update of the well-loved accessory comes not in a new size variation (read: they’re more than just micro-sunnies and aviators) but rather, odd shapes that take “eye-catching” to a whole new level.

Think weird but flattering sunnies seen on the fashion girls off the sidewalks of fashion week and all over Instagram, accessories that give a fresh perspective on an otherwise timeless side piece. Fronted by brands like the experimentally cool Gentle Monster, to rising favourite So Shady (by fashion influencer turned eyewear designer, Tamara Kalinic), shades have taken an interesting form with their silhouettes-and the more intriguing and never-before-seen the shape, the better.

Whether you’re looking for something slightly novel to up your style factor or embracing the avant-garde with wild abandon, these curious shapes are no doubt the next step for sunnies. After all, who doesn’t love a unique yet photogenic accessory to frame their peepers? Above, the latest shopping options to cart out from the bold to the subtle.