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The Coolest Pieces To Wear To Office Parties

Stumped on what to wear for your year-end company dinner? Here are some buys that will make you look uber stylish and professional, without being boring.

Amazing Jewellery 

Sure, clothes make up the majority of an outfit. But, it’s the jewellery that you accessorise with that could take the outfit from  0 to 100. This season, go for bold charms to add a glamorous touch to your outfit.

d&d party

Silver plated cuff with crystal embellishments, price unavailable, Swarovski

This multi-coloured charm screams “look at me”.

d&d party

Silver plated necklace with crystal embellishments, price unavailable, Miu Miu

A luxurious take on the 90’s choker trend, this statement piece will instantly add sophistication and drama to your get-up.

d&d party

Plastic earring with polyester tassels, $14.95, H&M

Look glam even on a budget with this pair from H&M.