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Here Are The Fashion Trends We're Leaving Behind

With a new year comes new fashion trends. While doing your spring cleaning, here are the fashion trends to leave behind for good.
Tie Dye
In this seemingly apocalyptic climate, hippie symbols are irrelevant. Extreme times call for extreme measures, and it is time to obliterate this trend once and for all. Thank you Stella McCartney, GmbH and so many streetwear brands for actually making it cool for a good season, but it’s now time to say goodbye.  Bathrobes
Apart from J.Lo’s character in Hustlers,  there are very, very few exceptions when it comes to people who can effortlessly pull off a bathrobe. And while we’re all for over-the-top looks, this ensemble doesn’t even always work on the rich and famous. Songstress Rita Ora and rapper Offset have both tried their hand at this novelty fashion item and well, both looks fell flat. Nevertheless, they’re performers—if you attempt this, you might just have real life consequences. Like having your sanity questioned by your boss. Pyjamas
This really needs to go to sleep. I give a hard time to my friends who wear pyjamas as an outfit, because it leaves me with so many questions: did you wake up and forget to dress up? Did you not do your laundry during the weekend? Also, where are you going? Choices, hunny. Micro Bags
Even though seeing Lizzo carry the tiniest bag to match her Valentino gown was a 2019 highlight, let’s face it. Micro bags don’t fit your iPhone or wallet—you’re lucky if they hold credit cards or a lipstick. You’ll probably need three of these bags for actual necessities. There’s also the problem of spillage when you open the bag and the fuss of arranging your items in a specific way.  Bodycon dresses and Bodysuits
Bodycon anything looks good for a cool 5 minutes but the silhouette has fast become overkill. Last year, our fellow writer listed bike shorts as one of those things he hopes would fizzle out in 2019… It’s as though it resumed with a vengeance, along with its dress and bodysuit counterparts. I’m all for body positivity, but this is a negative from me.