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A designer she’s currently obsessed with

“I watch films more than fashion shows, so the only name that comes to mind is Spanish-based illustrator/designer/DJ Miranda Makaroff (above). Her quirky, eccentric style is full of surprises.”

#1 style rule she abides by

“Dress for yourself and not for others.”


How to ace an #OOTD

“To me, a good picture happens when nothing looks too forced. Be natural and don’t take it too seriously. What’s the point in showing your everyday outfit if it’s just for product placement? Capture moments instead of logos, have fun and enjoy the process.”

Three words that describe her style

“Radical, random and constantly-evolving.”

Her signature look

“You’ll find me in a vintage tee and jeans almost everyday.”

Top style icon

“I wish I could be as stylish as (fashion model/stylist and beauty entrepreneur) Linda Rodin (above) at her age.”

What style means to her

“It’s about ambience, mood and vibe. It’s a feeling that can also be expressed internally, not just externally – like a by-product of self confidence. Many people can dress well, but not everybody has style. To me, they’re two different things.”


On her sartorial evolution

“(My style) has changed so much over the years. It was a lot of fun experimenting and going from Harajuku Street Style to Cyber Punk and now Radical Chic, but these are just categories. My style changes whenever I’m bored of a (certain) period. I’m a fashion chameleon.”

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