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These Cool Girls Show You How To Do Open-Toed Sandals The Chic Way

It’s an unexpected Fall trend that's proven perfect for tropical weather. Here's how to style open-toed sandals without looking sloppy.

Thanks to the proliferation of VSCO girls in recent months, Birkenstocks and other orthopaedic sandals have been immensely popular on social media. But what you wouldn’t expect is for bonafide fashion girls  to get in on the trend too. Yes, open toe sandals are officially big (again) this Fall and honestly, we’re not complaining. Unexpected, quirky and playful, it works perfectly in our muggy climate too. You can either go the dressy route with a pair of strappy, heeled sandals, or opt for a chill, sporty number.

Below, check out some of our favourite open toed sandals:

Photo: Instagram (@emilisindlev)   The bright ceruluean blue of these square-toed sandals make for a good statement piece, and holds its own even against a cacophony of cheery florals. Best worn with lots of confidence.
Photo: Instagram (@sandrasemburg)   Pairing a full-length dress with kitten heeled-sandals? Wild, but not entirely unheard of. We love how unexpectedly romantic the whole ensemble looks.
Photo: Instagram (@sandrasemburg)   Instead of a regular loose-fit suit, why not wear one made of chambray? And match it with an animal-print top and open-toe sandals to nail two trends in one go.
Photo: Instagram (@jen_wonders)   When you’re tired of your chunky sneakers, consider swapping them out for a pair of vaguely orthopaedic sandals, like this pair from Marni. Pair with corduroy, fringe, and a flow-y dress for maximum Wild West-vibes.
Photo: Instagram (@sophiaroe)   For something a little more traditionally office-appropriate, consider pairing your heeled sandals with dark raw edge jeans and a chunky sweater. Keep the colour palette dark and muted.
Photo: Instagram (@wethepeoplestyle)   Absolutely hate the idea of exposing your toes to the elements? Wear socks with your sandals, then. Just make sure to match your socks to the accent colour of your outfit, and you’ll be all set.
Photo: Instagram (@cheristyle_)   Or you can always opt for a pair of tights. If your shoes seem kind of plain to you, jazz things up by donning a pair of printed tights.