Here’s a short but tightly curated list of the most well-dressed celebrities:

#1: Emma Stone

While it is true that I have a bias for Ms.Stone, as a whole, she’s done… all right this entire award season. I haven’t had a truly wow-this-is-memorable moment, unlike, say, in 2015 when she wore this stunning chartreuse Elie Saab gown to the Oscars. Which is doubly sad, as this was her year – she duly won the Best Actress Oscar for her role as Mia Dolan in La La Land.

When I first saw this champagne Givenchy Haute Couture flapper number, the feeling remained the same – it’s pretty with a bit of fun (as most of Stone’s outfits usually are), but did I love it? Not particularly. I firmly believe Stone would look better in richer colours, but seeing the dress in motion made me change my mind. While it’s not my favourite Stone look, it’s Old-Hollywood glamorous and safe enough for the Oscars.

Stone’s gown is also a nice tribute to Riccardo Tisci – and as her long time stylist Petra Flannery pointed out, Stone is the first actress since original Givenchy face Audrey Hepburn to rep the brand while winning an Oscar.


#2: Thandie Newton

The Fall 2016 collection of Schiaparelli Couture continues to do exceedingly well with celebrities – here, Westworld actress Thandie Newton gave a saucier spin on the runway look. Newton’s usually known to be more daring and fashion-forward, so thankfully she turned up.


#3: Ruth Negga

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Ruth x Valentino #meganegga #oscars

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Reinforcing my belief that actresses – and their stylists – have gotten their award shows all mixed up, Loving star Ruth Negga was one of the earliest celebrities to show up on the red carpet in a (no prizes for guessing) Valentino Haute Couture creation.

While it is very true to Negga’s style (and I love the ACLU blue ribbon breaking up the monotony of the look), it feels very… predictable. I get that she loves Valentino, and that she favours a higher neckline but this outfit could have been worn to any of other smaller award shows. The only thing that made it stand out from the rest of her outfits this season is the tiara.

Don’t get me wrong, Negga looks lovely and is firmly a name to watch out for, but the Oscars’ self-censorship seems to be firmly in place: Actresses afraid of landing on the worst-dressed list and playing it much safer than they usually do. Negga’s custom-made Louis Vuitton dress for the Golden Globes would have made so much more impact at the Oscars.

Still, I’m going to give her points for breaking out the colour so badly needed on what was a largely dull red carpet.


#4: Karlie Kloss

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Karlie x Stella #oscars

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Negga’s stylist Karla Welch, also works with top model Karlie Kloss, whose red carpet looks tend to be a bit of a snoozefest, but have taken a turn for the better since working with Welch.

While I do not understand why she’s on the Oscars red carpet – if this was the traditional Vanity Fair after-party, I’d understand – Kloss’ Stella McCartney creation was sleek and goddess-y, though I felt that the diamond choker was one accessory too much.


#5: Sofia Boutella

While I’m puzzled as to how Algerian actress Boutella warrants a Chanel Haute Couture piece, I am glad someone represented this collection on the red carpet. (I’m also glad she did away with the belt.)


#6: Kate Bosworth

In a refreshing turn of colour, actress Kate Bosworth might just be one of the best-dressed of the night. She attended the traditional Vanity Fair Oscars after-party in a celadon J.Mendel tulle gown, which isn’t a colour commonly seen on the red carpet – ergo, you stand out from the sea of blacks and silvers/golds. Also, this is how you ace patrician beauty.


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