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Don't Be Surprised If Your Outfits Come With More Pockets Than Usual This Season

Sometimes, the simplest things in life make us the happiest. We’d dare say that discovering that your dress or pants come with a pocket would fall under that category; a guilty pleasure so to speak. So imagine our joy when we discovered that with Spring/Summer 2019’s utilitarian mood in the air, brands are feeling super generous with the number of pockets they adorn on their designs.

Marine Serre sweeps the award for most “extra” pockets this season. Her collection — billed ‘Hardcore Couture’ — sees the designer using more than a dozen pockets of outdoorsy gilets as ruffles of a gown. Over at the Fendi, keeping organised is key. Pockets are the running theme of the collection and they appear in various sizes and shapes on bags like the Peekaboo, belts, dresses and jackets. Besides specially marked compartments for things like your phone, there is a witty twist in the with a pocket labelled ‘Secrets’. So the next time someone quips that utilitarian fashion is boring, you know that pockets can get an avant-garde update.


Here’s where else to find that many pockets in Spring/Summer 2019…