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All The Stylish Ways To Wear Overalls Like A Fashion Girl

No longer just for babies in OshKosh.

The ’90s staple has never looked more fashion-forward than now  — fitted, cropped and oh-so-stylish. But there’s a fine line between wearing overalls and looking like Karlie Kloss, and looking like a farmer — we know which we prefer.

#1: Throw A Ringer Tee With Bootcut Bottoms

LA vibes in Seoul 😎🌞🌹🌸 #ireneisseoul

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You know that old school rule ‘fitted up top, and loose in the bottom’? Model Irene Kim kills it with a ringer baseball tee and bootcut overalls with sneakers. Cute dog and model-off-duty vibes will help too.

#2: Rock Them With An Unexpected Top 


We know it’s easy to reach for the plain white tee, but try something daring and juxtapose it with an off-shoulder top instead. Look insanely fashionable with a fitted long-sleeve top in a contrasting colour, and throw on some sneakers or booties.