The ’90s staple has never looked more fashion-forward than now  — fitted, cropped and oh-so-stylish. But there’s a fine line between wearing overalls and looking like Karlie Kloss, and looking like a farmer — we know which we prefer.

#1: Throw A Ringer Tee With Bootcut Bottoms

You know that old school rule ‘fitted up top, and loose in the bottom’? Model Irene Kim kills it with a ringer baseball tee and bootcut overalls with sneakers. Cute dog and model-off-duty vibes will help too.

#2: Rock Them With An Unexpected Top 


We know it’s easy to reach for the plain white tee, but try something daring and juxtapose it with an off-shoulder top instead. Look insanely fashionable with a fitted long-sleeve top in a contrasting colour, and throw on some sneakers or booties.



#3: Cropped, With A Feminine Blouse

It’s hard not to want to own everything Julia Engel of Girl Meets Glam owns, because she makes it looks so effortless. Luckily for us mere mortals, pairing a cute feminine button-down with a pair of slim-cut cropped overalls isn’t rocket science. Bonus points if you can get of-the-moment eyelet top in there too.

#4: Add Strappy Heels

Less is more when it comes to overalls. Try a button-down with rolled-up sleeves for extra cool girl vibes, and classic strappy heels to make sure it looks less playground and more polished.


#5: Make Them White

You know that universally-flattering white denim trend? Why not try it with overalls, an all-white outfit with a relaxed button-down and a statement bag, like Sincerely Jules has done.

#6: Channel Your Inner French Girl

A Breton top can do no wrong, like Aurélia of Absolutely Glamorous. Whether you prefer your top looser like Aurélia’s, or more fitted, we’d also add a pop of red lipstick too. Stacked heels, a to-go cup (make sure it’s reusable!) will help that too-cool-to-care vibe.


#7: Try Something Other Than Denim

You might get more than just a little hot and sweaty if you tried to pull off Olivia Culpo’s full leather overalls, but you’re definitely going to look sensational. Even if you don’t do denim, there are other materials to dabble with like linen, silk or cotton.