Shrunken party dresses 

party dresses
The collection’s all legs with colourful butt-grazing cocktail dresses, miniskirts and hot shorts.

No, we’re not talking about Herve Leger-style bandage designs (snore – boring). Ever the showman, Jacobs dials up the sexy quotient on retro glam styles simply by cutting them ultra short. Choose from
sheer ’70s folk dresses, satin body-con numbers and fully sequinned, ’80s-tinged (mini) cocktail gowns.

Baby doll negligees

Part Victorian (lacy raised necklines and elaborate sleeves), part ’60s nightgown (the floaty tulle finish and kitschy pastels), these come completely sheer. They’re no lightweights in terms of workmanship though: Every piece is hand finished by artisans in a small atelier in France.

Classic panties 

On their own, they’re a little humdrum: cotton, classic bikini cut, with fun paisley prints, or plain with a lace trim. Under see-through dresses, they’re rebelliously cheeky.

Butt-grazing bottoms 

party dresses

The flouncy A-line and mini skirts (ranging from 28 to 30 cm – that’s about the length of our magazine) cover the bum just so, while the high-waisted hot shorts are so mini, they reveal the butt cheeks. If that’s not wild enough, the latter come in a raw denim or so-tacky-it’s-good satin finish to up the edge on showgirl-worthy tops and jackets. Best for leggy types. 

Lolita socks

Covered in rainbow stripes, resin pearls and charming heart-shaped patterns, they’re reminiscent of what little girls wear – except they go all the way to the thighs. Pair with the collection’s bottoms (see previous point).

Glam rock-meets-pole dancer kicks

party dresses
Like an exaggerated, pop art take on pole dancing shoes, the platform boots are 20cm high.

Jacobs literally ups the ante on the stage-ready platform shoes he debuted last season.  In sixteen different styles (choose between boots or sandals), each sports towering 20cm-high stacked heels, further anchored by 13cm-high platforms. Add candy-toned colour blocking, fully paved rainbow-hued crystals, or a playful trompe l’oeil sports sock effect, and they go from Ziggy Stardust to Brooke Candy/Sita Abellan territory (read: fun, punk, dangerously flirty).

This story first appeared in Female’s March 2017 issue. 

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