pharrell adidas
Pharrell’s flower-capped designs come in six different colours.

Remember how Pharrell Williams’ first collaboration with German sportswear giant Adidas made us happy? The enterprising rapper has just added another notch to his string of successful fashion tie-ups with the Superstar Shelltoe limited edition range.

adidas todd james
Bold, colourful drawings by Todd James lend a quirky appeal.

The first collection ($149 each) sees vibrant artwork added to the sneakers’ distinctive shelltoes by Williams and two contemporary artists, New Yorker Todd James (known for his cartoonish drawings) and Japanese mixed media artist who goes by the moniker Mr. (once trained under celebrated fellow Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, his wide-eyed anime characters have gained acclaim for their subversive edge).

adidas Mr.
Mr.’s designs are for Anime cartoon fans.

The second collection features sneakers in monochromatic palettes of black and white ($169 each), with shelltoes that bear various etchings by the three, as well as renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid (whom Williams is reportedly a big fan of).

pharrell adidas shoes
Pharrell’s design references Einstein’s concept of relativity (e=mc2).
todd james superstar sneakers
Todd James adds a graffiti spin to his design.
mr. adidas sneakers
Mr. keeps to his signature anime style.
zaha hadid adidas
In Hadid’s eyes, all the sneakers need are a touch of urban cool.

Why you’ll be tempted to buy more than one pair: They’re interchangeable, which means you can change up the left or right shoe design any time you’re inclined to. Available now in limited quantities at all Adidas Originals stores and online.


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