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The Pink Brigade: Friends Of Female Show Their Love For The LGBTQ+ Community

As a show of solidarity for the freedom to love and the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore, we asked some of our friends of the magazine to dress up in their best pink outfits to support (in spirit) the Pink Dot gathering which was originally planned for this weekend but cancelled due to the pandemic. And turned up they did. Swipe right to see how they came out in full force and to read their messages of hope.
Rapper THELIONCITYBOY and wife Aarika Lee, who is co-founder of local branding agency Elementary Co. and a member of the Female Collective
“We might not get to be together in one place this year to stand as one at Hong Lim Park but from our homes, we stand in solidarity with everyone who believes in and is fighting for the right to love who they love. It isn’t easy to find love, you know? So when someone does, who are we to stand in their way.” April Lee, creative director and frontwoman of Singapore ambient folk outfit Aspidistrafly
“So much has transpired in the past months, widening the path for a lot more openness, honesty and self-reflection in conversations that have been buried for too long. These days we talk a lot more about being kinder to others and it’s truly time to walk the walk. If we emerge from these times understanding ourselves better, I hope we extend that understanding to others regardless of who they are and how they love.“ Lenne Chai, fashion photographer
“2020 may have disrupted our lives in every way possible, but I’m grateful that we’ve begun to examine discrimination and injustices as a society. I hope that this year will inspire more Singaporeans to fight for the acceptance of our LGBTQIA+ community, both in terms of social norms and legislation.” Ginette Chittick, fashion educator, DJ and artist
“My dear rainbow siblings, every day you inspire me with your tenacious fight for the equal right to love and simply exist. I am here with you. Happy Pink Dot! #lovewins” Salome Blaque, drag performer
“I wish one day the closet doesn’t exist and we can all just say we’re in love and that’s all that matters.” Ysa Yaneza, pop musician
“Although we are apart, it’s amazing that you can still feel the love, fire and passion from around the world at online parties. It has also been inspiring to see individuals fervently speaking up about LGBT rights and educating others to create change. Even more amazing is the increasing support for the BLM movement and a lot of people joining the conversation on racial discrimination. It just reminds us that even though we are virtually attending Pink Dot this year, we can still form connections right from our homes. And that each of our small actions, together, we can create a big impact.” Layla Ong, top Singapore model and three-time Female cover star
“I STAND WITH YOU.” Bella Koh, slow life guru and founder of Slowhouse
“Love is kind, love is gentle, love is love. Never be indifferent.” Putri Adif, womenswear designer
“We all deserve to have a hold of our own identity. Love is love, without judgement”