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These Prada Accessories Will Make You Rethink The Way You Dress Up

A hint of '90s Prada + a little sci-fi flair = eclectic style done the right way.

You can always intellectualise Miuccia’s Prada shows as her cathartic — and creative — release from her anxieties and preoccupation about topics like politics and capitalism. Evidently, the woman has a lot of issues which she tries to pack and address in her work: just read the interviews on the Web about her S/S ’19 collection and you’ll realise how she wants to weave the idea of psychedelia by mixing different themes like freedom, nudity, et cetera.

What stands out about this collection when we previewed it in Seoul recently is the finesse and restraint that define Mrs Prada’s vision of eclecticism. A quote on Women’s Wear Daily sums up quite beautifully what she envisions this to be: “I’m trying to simplify because eccentric pieces aren’t worn by many people…Maybe we should all lower our expectations. Because if you cross the line, people don’t care. And fashion needs people. It needs people who care.”

Here, we show how these accessories staples get remixed for S/S ’19.

The Bohemian Work Bag
Tie-dye is a running motif at the brand this season, landing on skirts, dresses and even bags like the Sidonie. The digital print is achieved via a new technology owned by Prada, which ensures greater quality control of the pattern. The Punkish Bucket Bag
The Magrit is a like bucket bag reimagined without the round base; it comes with a slim and flat profile instead for a more contemporary look. For this season, it’s festooned with metal studs giving it a cool punk influence. The Neo-Vintage Frame Bag
It’s constructed just like a frame bag from the ’50s. But its exaggerated proportions and colour combinations make this feel thoroughly 2019. The Minimalist Bag
Every brand practically has a camera bag in its repertoire of leather goods. How does the Odette remain quintessentially Prada? It comes with a slightly elliptical silhouette and nifty handle design, calling to mind the brand’s austere minimalism of the ’90s. The "Fly" Knits
Part sandals, part booties, part sock shoes, this pair is entirely knitted thanks to a new loom that the brand acquired. The Statement Mary Janes
A style synonymous with Mrs Prada, this girly design is now all grown up with an inverted heel design and that serious jolt of yellow. The Pool Slides
Yes, Prada’s idea of apres pool chic is a pair of slides by the way of Mary Janes. The Dress Up Sneakers
Meet the Derby shoes with the hype factor. Don’t those transparent soles remind you of the inflatable stools — they’re exclusive re-editions of the ’60s design by Verpan — at the S/S ’19 show? The Princess Headband
Satin Alice bands come in plain versions, studded renditions or super embellished ones (above) as a sweet substitute for statement hats.