Where did all the time go? We’re already halfway through 2019 and at the height of summer. For today’s crop of astute style mavens, this also means it’s time to think about what the later part of the year will bring, fashion-wise. Thankfully, for us, there are the Pre-Fall collections to spark our imagination.

A key bridging season, while Pre-Fall doesn’t have the pomp of the main Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter shows or the pageantry of Cruise where the fashion set jets off to various corners of the globe to partake in unforgettable extravaganzas, Pre-Fall still manages to set its own agenda. Here are the key trends worth knowing:

#1: Flight Club

Let us count the ways we love feathers: One, they’re visual spectacles that give any ensemble textural depth. Two, they lend hypnotic movement to any piece of garment. But most important of all, feathers are decadent touches that magically uplift the mood and spirit. Don’t believe us? Then wear plumage as a statement accent—or head-to-toe, if you’re brave enough—to feel the difference.

#2: Blue Spin

The late Yves Saint Laurent once mused that he wished he’d invented blue jeans. “They have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity—all I hope for in my clothes,” he famously said. This season’s tricked-out options not only back up the legendary designer’s claims but also prove why denim will never go out of style. For example, Pierpaolo Piccioli fashioned his versions with a strict, Japanese rigour at Valentino, while the late Karl Lagerfeld matched denim jackets with gold jackets for his troop of modern Cleopatras.

#3: Graduation Ceremony

Razor-sharp pleated skirts at Thom Browne; bookish checks at Gucci; varsity logos at Monse… Class is back in session this pre-fall season. Under fashion’s tutelage, the school-girl look has lost its preppy edge and adopted a cooler, more grown-up outlook. Are you taking notes yet?

#4: Save The Last Dance

The ‘80s hold on fashion shows no sign of abating. And rightly so — it was the decade that gave us funky synthesised tunes, audacious eyeshadow hues and bold shoulder pads, after all. For pre-fall, a melange of ‘80s-worthy party dresses took centre stage. Balmain’s ultra-short numbers came with flirty ruffles, while Givenchy’s statement iteration boasted sculptural bows. Elsewhere, Versace served up plenty of high-octane glamour with animal print mini-dresses to dance the night away.

Photos: Vogue Runway