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The Pretty, Practical Shoes To Wear For CNY Visiting

This CNY, don't worry about having aches in your feet with these practical and pretty shoes for the season. Looking good has never felt this good.
Leather wedges, $1,600, Alexander McQueen
Comfort is key when it comes to CNY visiting, and wedges are a great way to get that length on your legs without having sore feet at the end of the day. The red accent stripe also adds to the CNY vibes without going all-red. Leather shoes, price available in-store, Fendi
Another pe-requisite for CNY shoes – being able to slip in and out of them easily. This feminine pair of heels by Fendi is a great number for your visiting needs. Plus, its thicker heel will make walking around more comfortable. Polyamide sandals , $890, Balenciaga
The open-toed sandals have been the talk of this Spring Summer 2020. This bright-pink number makes slipping in and out of easy, and it’s safe to say these were made for all lazy people this CNY. Polyester-blend sneakers, S1,425, Balenciaga
Not one for heels? Try this pair of sneakers serving us dad vibes. It’s pink accent makes it a fun and preppy piece for the CNY season, while the white base makes it wasy to incorporate into our daily wardrobes too.    Leather Pumps, $1,490, Chanel
Speaking of preppy, go luxe-preppy with these pumps this CNY. The mary-jane strap elevates the regular heel, and the patented leather will have you dripping luxe. Leather pumps, price available in-store, Michael Kors
These deep-red pumps are a versatile option to add to your wardrobe this CNY, and with the ankle cuff, it’s got an added edgy vibe to it. If you’re wearing wide-legged pants, tuck your pants into the ankle cuff for a fun paperbag-ankle look. Suede heels, $1,090, Salvatore Ferragamo
Take it back to the classics this CNY with a pair of red heels for the season. This lower block heel will make it easy for you when travelling out and about for your visiting. Plus, the solid red will make it great for your outfits, whether you’re wearing red or not. Embroidered flats, price available in-store, Jimmy Choo
CNY visits usually take the whole day, and with all the travelling, a pair of pumps might not be the best option. Opt for these flats, which are elegant at the front, but still comfortable for your feet.  Soft leather flats, price available in-store, Moschino
Logo-mania is all the rage these days, and these flats are a fun take on the trend. With the baby pink shade, these flats will have you looking chic and comfortable all day.  Suede mules, price available in-store, Christain Louboutin
Another option to combat sore feet – the mule. Having a rainbow on your feet this CNY and be able to strut your stuff in comfort? It’s a yes for us. Bottega Veneta leather mules, US$905 (S$1,221),
Another trend that’s taken off this season was the square-toed heels. This mule reps the iconic square toe in a mule, and its red shade makes it perfect for CNY.    Rubber boots, price available in-store, Louis Vuitton
If you’re up for something more fun, try these rubber boots. These campy boots will definitely be the talk of the town among your relatives, and you’ll look super fab. Do be prepared though, rubber boots will have your feet sweaty with Singapore’s heat.