Best restaurants for a festive feast 

“I don’t like fancy spots and typically opt for more intimate ones like modern seafood restaurant Clamato on Rue de Charonne, or (the rustic) Cibus on Rue Moliere that serves Italian fare.”

Her happy scent

Le Labo is located right next to my showroom and I can always smell its Santal 33 fragrance in the air. My sister who lives in New York also wears it, and (smelling it) makes me think of her and feel as if she’s near.”

The most fun cultural hotspots

“I like (independent arts centre) Le Bal because it’s very photography-oriented and sells books that you can’t find anywhere else. I also like the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in the 14th Arrondissement because it always stages great exhibitions.”

She heads to Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson — currently exhibiting the work of late Belgian documentary photographer Martine Franck — for inspo.

An artist she finds uplifting 

“The style of (Baroque master) Caravaggio and his colour palette of (noir-esque shades like dark earth tones and silvery whites) are super inspiring for me.”

Musician that gets her partying

“I love techno and electronic music — particularly the sounds of Japanese DJ Kyoka (known for her experimental electronic beats).”

Experimental electronic artiste Kyoka’s music always gets her dancing.

Most enjoyable R&R destination

“I recently vacationed in Bali and stayed at a resort called Mu in the southern part of the island and it was super quiet. Set on a cliff overlooking the sea, it’s the perfect place for some respite.”

Her most party-perfect hats from Resort 2019 

“We’ve done a lot of turbans with sequins that are perfect for partying. We also included a lot of strass and metal elements in our designs for something more festive yet girlie.”

Expect hats with metal elements in Maison Michel’s Resort ’19 collection.

This story first appeared in Female’s December 2018 issue.