Puka shell necklaces first became a must-have accessory in the hippie-heavy ’70s – with both men and women, and two decades later, experienced a revival in the ’90s with bro-types and surfer wannabes.

True to fashion’s famous lore that trends get recycled every 20 years or so, the puka shell necklace is back from the graveyard – and it was sported first at one of fashion’s most influential designers – Prada’s men’s fall 2017 show.

puka shell trend prada louis vuitton
Prada Men’s Fall 2017. Image credit: Vogue

It would appear that when styled correctly, the puka shell necklace seems practically natural against a fluffy sweater or indeed, with a suit. That said, we do have to take into account that the fall 2017 collection was very heavy on ’70s influences, as evidenced with the long curly locks on most of the models.

puka shell trend prada louis vuittonPrada Women’s Fall 2017. Image credit: Vogue

A few months later, at the women’s show, which were similarly inflected with ’70s touches, the puka shell necklaces remained a strong accessory, and I particularly liked it paired with the bralet on the left.


Most recently, the necklace also popped up at Louis Vuitton’s men’s spring 2018 last month. Kim Jones, the house’s men’s creative director, was heavily inspired by Hawaiian culture, as evidenced by the beautiful floral prints (in my opinion, the best floral shirts of the men’s season) and the puka shell necklace.

What appears to be key in pulling off the puka shell necklace? A hat – whether it’s a bucket style like Louis Vuitton’s, or Prada’s beret/baker boy cap.

However, if you’re not too keen on shells being worn as a necklace, consider Loewe’s take on the trend instead:

puka shell trend prada louis vuitton

If you already have the house’s iconic Puzzle bag (no surprises there, many industry folks love this design), give it a refresher with Loewe’s shell-adorned bag strap, which are sold separately. It’s an instant update to the summer season and c’mon, isn’t it just plain adorable?

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