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Riccardo Tisci's Most Memorable Looks For Givenchy

#1: Spring 2007 haute couture
One of Tisci’s most striking set designs, the cavernous space was left misty and the floor was riddled with water – it only made sense as he was reportedly inspired by his seaside hometown (Taranto in Italy) and the “metamorphosis of sailors into mermaids.”     #2: Fall 2008
One of his strongest and most confident collections to date, this was the collection that really established Givenchy and Tisci as a tour de force. It also shone the spotlight on Givenchy’s accessories game, which has been a strong suit of the house ever since. With those amazing statement necklaces, who could doubt it? #3: Spring 2011 haute couture
Inspired by Japan’s robot toys and traditional dance form butoh, Tisci’s signature translucency took on a more playful tone. It looked as per usual in the front (intricate but delicate embellishments, sheer pieces etc), but it was the back of the ensemble that introduced a sliver of neon colours. #4: Spring 2016
Breaking away from tradition, Tisci opted to show this collection in New York in a collaboration with artist Marina Abramovic to commemorate September 11. The collection, which was largely monochromatic and boudoir-esque, was largely soothing. Tisci’s fascination with facial jewellery resurfaced in spectacular fashion, this time in lace-y confections. #5: Spring 2017 haute couture
Tisci’s final collection for the house (which was just shown last month) was a compact but concise collection. Here’s hoping someone will wear the third dress from the left, which is reportedly made of numerous concentric metal discs covered with organza – how amazing is that?   Like this? Check out Givenchy’s super chic new store at Paragon, how to get Cate Blanchett’s golden glow and Riccardo Tisci’s update of the Givenchy watch.