Cinch your hips with your bag belt

The rule is: the lower they sit, the more “Auntie at Bedok market” you’ll look. Scoot your bag belt up away from your hips and fasten it at the smallest part of your torso. Not only is this incredibly flattering, it stops you from looking like you’ve been selling durians as a side hustle.

Balance dad sneakers with juxtaposition

Whether they’re Yeezys or Balenciagas, the art to pulling off dad sneakers is in careful juxtaposition. Because the shoes are mega chunky, balance them out with a structured outfit, like tailored trousers together with a structured bag. And please wear them with ankle socks.

Mind your accessories with tent dresses

Nothing like a tent dress to take on sweltering hot days in Singapore, but it can go from stylish to potato sack in a hot minute. Think sleek and dainty with your accessories when you’re wearing a tent dress to compliment instead of competing with the frock. A low bun, simple slides and a simple cross-body bag
will do wonders.

Balance floral dresses with simple silhouettes

It wouldn’t be summer without floral dresses and this season we’re thanking brands like Loewe, Chloe and Rocha for making them longer. Rock a full ditsy floral-print dress without overwhelming yourself by picking one in a simple silhouette without extra poufs or detailing.