For Chinese New Year, Saint Laurent is making the very bold move of proposing just one new item: a Kate 99 bag in festive red. It’s bold, because while other brands tend to opt for capsules with ready to wear, accessories, and small leather goods, it’s almost as if Saint Laurent is making a statement of confidence: “this is the bag for the occasion, it’s very chic, it’s all you need.”

saint laurent chinese new year
Lambskin Saint Laurent Kate 99 with tassel in Eros red, $2,500

And it kind of is all you need. The Kate 99 is a handier, evening-sized flap bag whose name draws inspiration from Kate Moss, that favourite model of the house. It’s made in buttery soft lambskin, in a gorgeous shade of red the brand calls “Eros” – because you will, of course, love it. The bag’s got gold-tone hardware, with the signature Cassandre logo on the front and a metal tassel. The tassel’s a feature on the regular Kate bags in this size, but in this colourway it feels like an apt kindling of Chinese New Year lanterns and decorations. 

What we love about is the two interchangeable strap options. There’s a gold-tone chain strap for shoulder carry – a la Baguette under the arm – or a longer, adjustable suede strap for crossbody carrying. Our suggestion is to go with the chain, firstly because it’s a little more chic, and second because you can just as easily let the chain drape and carry the bag as a clutch for the evening.