salvatore ferragamo

How do you like your OJ? If you ask Italian luxury house Salvatore Ferragamo, the answer would most likely be “with lots of pulp”.

In an effort to create sustainable fashion, the Florence house has tapped on orange fibre — a byproduct of squeezing orange juice — as a new eco-friendly material. Here’s a trivia: Over 700,000 tonnes of the waste (that’s approximately the weight of 117 African elephants) is produced annually. And that’s just in Italy alone.

salvatore ferragamoThankfully, Salvatore Ferragamo found a fellow Italian company called Orange Fiber which is a specialist in creating eco-friendly fabrics since 2014. Tying up with them meant that it is the first luxury house to adopt orange fibre for a collection of scarves, shirts, dresses and pants.

The difference between the orange fibre and regular fine fabrics is almost negligible to the naked eye and touch. In fact, the former has the same soft and drapey qualities as silk and could be coloured and printed the same way it is done on traditional fabrics. For this outing, the architect and designer Mario Trimarchi was tasked with adorning the products with his abstract interpretations of the Mediterranean landscape.

salvatore ferragamo

Launched to commemorate Earth Day, this special series will not be available in Singapore but is stocked at seven different markets — the closest being the brand’s boutique at Admiralty Place in Hong Kong. The collection also brings to full circle, the brand’s namesake founder journey at inventing materials for his designs. Cue the raffia and glass he used during the war to craft shoes in place of leather.

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