Pronounced “schirm-mut-ze”, it refers to the peaked cap traditionally worn by German sailors. And in the port city of Hamburg, it’s as dear a cultural icon as, say, flip-flops are to us – just way cooler. John Lennon started wearing one regularly after The Beatles’ formative years touring the local club scene. And it topped every single outfit in Chanel’s latest Metiers d’Art show that was held in and paid sweet tribute to Hamburg, Karl Lagerfeld’s hometown: accompanying 87 looks (women’s and men’s), in four styles (two have a long ribbon on the back) and a variety of fabrics, all handmade by the French milliner Maison Michel (craft, after all, is what the Metiers d’Art collections are about). The street style crowd is already on board. And, hey, if Lagerfeld and Lennon endorse it, it’s hard to say no. In tweed, wool, or flannel, from about $1,200, Chanel.

This story first appeared in Female’s April 2018 issue. 

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