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Trishna Goklani: How I Get Through The Covid-19 Lockdown In Britain

It's officially day two of the Circuit-Breaker here in Singapore, but what about the rest of the world? Here, UK-based Female Collective member, social media manager and (current) fashion girl on lockdown, Trishna Goklani, lets us in on a week in her life during self-isolation in the English countryside.

Let’s not sugarcoat things: things are a little scary right now no matter where you are in the world. Though London has only been under national lockdown for about two weeks now, I officially began self-isolating mid-March when I heard about reported cases near my office. Right before the lockdown was announced, my boyfriend Andy and I made the decision to leave London to be with his family in the countryside instead. So far, it’s been a much needed pause from the franticness of city life but working in fashion and social media has allowed me to work flexibly (something I’m extremely grateful for) and maintain a sense of normalcy. 

The usual bustling Carnaby Street dead quiet just prior to London’s lockdown that was implemented two weeks ago. To be close to loved ones, I decided to head down to the countryside just outside of London to self-isolate.

Working for a luxury leather goods brand at a time like this, however, has proven to be challenging. From countless number of phone calls with my boss to sitting at breakfast brainstorming new ways to repurpose old content for Instagram, this period in isolation has taught me to push boundaries in fashion and digital content. If this global pandemic has taught us anything, is that the greatest skill you could have is being able to adapt to different situations.

What does working from home look like for me? A lot of self-discipline. The most important thing is sticking to a strict schedule during working hours and maximising productivity by creating a workspace that is both comfortable and conducive. I also make sure to implement simple things to keep me motivated during the day – a sleek yet comfy outfit, a little bit of make up and nutritious meals.

Here, a photo diary of what I’ve been up to while in self-isolation – from shooting fashion content indoors to simply taking mental breathers throughout the day. The world has slowed down for a little while, we might as well learn to slow down with it.


I’ve found that making the effort to get properly dressed in the morning can significantly change my mood throughout the day. So I throw something I love on first thing.   
Lately, I’ve been wearing this same black Weekday sweater repeatedly – but hey, it does the trick and makes me feel good. I’m just glad no one can see me!    
You’ve probably heard the schpiel before but getting ready for the day does wonders. This is my go-to WFH face: a little concealer, highlight and mascara goes a long, long way.
Before this, Andy and I were both sat at the same living room table while working from home. Now, I’m grateful for the space and a study room I’ve turned into my mini office.
Time for a coffee break at my local coffee shop (and by that, I mean the kitchen).
I’m lucky to still be able to work remotely. Lately I’ve been shooting content for a project with @lizearlebeautyco – didn’t have my tripod or my usual props so I had to get creative! The video’s on my IG for anyone who wants to take a peek.
This is what my weekend shopping has been looking like lately. Sainsbury’s has been out of lots of fruits and veggies but I’m so glad to have stumbled upon a weekend stall to stock up on our supplies for all our meals.
All that time indoors can take a toll on the body and mind sometimes. It’s important for me to take walks every now and then while still ensuring that I’m being responsible by social distancing. I’m so lucky to have this gorgeous space near me that’s clear, empty and full of fresh, fresh air.
Everyone’s on the cooking bandwagon now but it really can be therapeutic. Lately, my go to has been a simple stir-fry.
Don’t skip on the self-care – multi-masking at the end of the work day with Pixi Beauty’s glow mud mask.
A little work break!
I really can’t complain when I get to enjoy sunsets like this everyday. I’m grateful that the days have grown longer here and even though we’re stuck inside, it’s making it more bearable with the glorious weather!
Who needs a ring light?
Shooting for @paradise.row social content indoors and making the most out of having a tripod and great sunlight.
Shooting for @paradise.row social content indoors and making the most out of having a tripod and great sunlight.