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Here’s Where To Snag Phoebe's Celine Bags Before They're Gone Forever

Hedi Slimane’s Celine will hit the stores in November and we bet Phoebe Philo’s bags will go OOS, real soon.

When LVMH made the announcement that Hedi Slimane will be the successor of Phoebe Philo at Celine (formerly Céline) in January, it sent tremors through the fashion world. Response for Slimanewho is known for rebranding fashion powerhouses, was mixed. Some hated the idea while others embraced the movement as it represented the ethos of fashion: change.

And change is never more apparent than on the 28th of September, when Slimane debuted his collection for the maison in Paris Fashion Week during Spring/Summer 2019. The brand took a 180-degrees turn, shifting from its much lauded minimalist aesthetics to edgy grunge-glam.

This look has obviously trickled down to the accessories too. While the new Celine bags (namely 16 — Lady Gaga was the first to be spotted with it — and the “C” bag) are sure to sell just fine, we can’t help but feel nostalgic for the old Céline. After all, who doesn’t love the classic Trapeze and Luggage? Indeed, we’re pretty sure these babies will gain cult status and fly off the racks soon enough. So before we bid farewell to the the Phantom and Cabas, here are some places you have to visit to nab the last of these iconic bags before they are gone for good.

Main image: Instagram (24 Sevres)

#1. Vestiaire Collective
What you’d find: A variety of second-hand bags in various conditions. Our top picks are the netted tote and the classic leather box bag. Bags pre-Philo are available too! Condition of the bags: A very distinct old to new. What’s the price range: S$253.74 for a net bag (in very good condition) to a whopping S$27,088.97 for a crocodile skin Luggage tote (in very good condition). Instagram @vestiaireco #2. Reebonz
What you’d find: Almost any design in a range of colours. Also, you can get vintage designs that were produced before Philo’s reign. Score. Condition of the bags: They have bags that are brand new and also pre-owned, categorised in four different conditions: unused, pristine, mint and good. What’s the price range: S$400 for an pre-owned, unused clutch to S$2,800 for a pre-owned, pristine Medium “Edge” bag. Instagram @reebonzsg 3. The Fifth Collection
What you’d find: A variety of second-hand and vintage bags. We’d love a roomy Phantom cabas tote as our work bag and this awesome Trapeze tote fashioned in watersnake skin. Super classy. Condition of the bags: A range of four different conditions, namely: new, pristine, good and vintage. What’s the price range: S$650 for their colourblock Diamond clutch that’s pristine in condition to S$3,500 for their Trapeze tote in printed brown calf hair that’s new. Instagram @thefifthcollection   4. TheRealReal
What you’d find: Besides selling vintage bags that were created before Philo, they offer a variety of different designs. Box bags are readily available. Our top pick will have to be this eye-popping fur foldover clutch from her 2012 collection. Condition of the bags: A clear-cut new or used. For bags that are pre-owned, their condition (i.e. good, very good) will be reflected at the page on the right after clicking on the product. What’s the price range: US$325 (S$450) for the Fall/Winter 2013 pony hair flat clutch in good condition to US$7,500 (S$10,379) for a black crocodile skin Trapeze tote in very good condition. Instagram @therealreal 5. What Goes Around Comes Around
What you’d find: Take your pick from the the Diamond bag, the Trio crossbody to the Phantom tote and the Edge. Condition of the bags: They are all pre-loved bags. Each bag has a different condition, which will be reflected once you enter the individual product’s page. What’s the price range: US$950 (S$1,314) for the Antler print leather cabas tote in excellent condition to US$2,750 (S$3,804) for the calfskin leather mini Luggage tote in excellent condition (with minor creasing). Instagram @whatgoesaroundnyc 6. Cettire
What you’d find: Bucket bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, clutches — you name it, they’ve got it. Our top picks will be this vermilion red bucket bag and the burgundy Trio bag. Perfect for making your all-black outfit pop. Condition of the bags: They’re all new. What’s the price range: AUD$565.74 (S$555) for a flat suede clutch to AUD$8,543.98 (S$8,375) for a multi-coloured leather Luggage tote. Instagram @cettire 7. The Luxury Closet
What you’d find: All types of bags from the pre-Philo days to her designs fashioned in exotic skin, like this exquisite crocodile skin Box bag and python leather Trapeze tote. Condition of the bags: They have four different conditions for you to take your pick: new, like new, gently used and well used.  What’s the price range: US$222 (S$307) for a bi-colour (dark beige and burgundy) flat pouch in ‘gently used’ condition to US$6,219 (S$8,603) for a lizard skin mini Luggage tote in ‘like new’ condition. Instagram @theluxurycloset 8. Farfetch Vintage
What you’d find: Tons of vintage purses before Philo began running the show. However, there are two Trapeze totes that are available at the moment — one in pastel yellow and another in brown — as well as a gorgeous forest green suede cosmetic pouch. Condition of the bags: They are pre-loved. What’s the price range: S$846 for the Trio cosmetic pouch; S$1,692 and S$1,903 for the brown and yellow Trapeze. Instagram @farfetch 9. 24 Sevres
What you’d find: Leather goods from wallets to all types of bags. Two bags that caught our attention are the Cabas tote bag in pink and neon yellow Trio bag. Be warned: Not every leather product displayed is in stock. You can only check its availability once you’re on the product’s page. Click away. Condition of the bags: They’re all new. What’s the price range: £385 (S$697) for a bi-colour lambskin wallet to £2,600 (S$4,708) for a black grained calfskin Big Bag. Instagram @24sevres