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Shopping In Singapore: Danielle Cathari's 'Work From Home' Fashion, Hedi Slimane's Celadon Obsession At Celine, Ribcage Jeans At Levi's

Five of our favourite releases to snag before they're gone.
When we first heard of Danielle Cathari‘s inspiration – “work from home dressing” – for her fourth collaboration with Adidas Originals, the first thing that popped to mind was… Fifth Harmony. Thankfully, the Amsterdam-based designer who’s known for her deconstructed designs did not unleash the daisy dukes and wife beaters like the ones in the girl group’s Work From Home music video. What you’ll find when the collection ($150 -$250) drops online and at Adidas Originals stores on July 15 are ambigender staples that hit the right spot for smart casual dressing. Expect softly tailored boxy suits, delicate fabrics on tracksuits, intricate embroidery and the iconic three stripes done in a paintbrush effect. A TRUE GEM
We all know Hedi Slimane loves his monotones. But when the man ventures into colourful territory, he still manages to keep it cool. Enter celadon, the breakout hue that the designer has introduced at Celine. Best described as a delicate jade-like green, there is an actual Pantone classification for it. Historically, the colour is said to be reserved for royalty in the past and has appeared in ancient Chinese porcelains. For Slimane, celadon is a sophisticated and discreet choice for a range of summer accessories like the 16 top handle bag and Triomphe shoulder bag. And the best complimentary colour to go with it? Muted silver as seen on the hardware of these bags. GOING THE EXTRA MILE
If you think that your pants can’t go any higher than high-waisted jeans, you’ve not met the new Ribcage silhouette by Levi’s. Launching in stores on July 24, this new style boasts the highest ever rise for any Levi’s designs with its 12 inch-rise. And as the name suggests, these jeans do go high. But the designers weren’t just going for a novelty factor. The Ribcage range (from $89.90), which comprises the Straight Ankle fit and shorts, features a slim fit through the hip that is said to give the wearer a more flattering silhouette by drawing the focus on the waist and lengthening the gams. ROCK AND ROLL
If you find the colours for Rimowa’s lightweight polycarbonate Essential collection too intense, the latest colour scheme will do the trick. The four new colours fall somewhere between muted hues and bright pop shades. The story behind each of these colours, meanwhile, will put you in wanderlust mode. For instance, the coral is a nod to the Pink Lake in Western Australia; the slate grey is inspired by the grey shades of Indonesian mines; while the green mirrors the shades of the Lake District in England. Priced from $940-$1,500, the colours are available in the Cabin, Check-in L and Trunk Plus luggage models. LET THERE BE LIGHT
Big sunglasses frames – love their statement-making style, but loathe the indentations the leave on our nose. Which is why the thin lightweight metal frames that brands like Burberry, Miu Miu and Giorgio Armani are using this season get our vote for their delicate designs. And because they’re not made from pricey titanium, they’re easy on the pocket too. We call that a win-win.   Clockwise from top left: Burberry, $385. Miu Miu, $445. Coach, $265. Giorgio Armani, $435. All from Sunglass Hut